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About Us

My passion for travel and living and active lifestyle are the reasons why I started this store.

 Hi I'm Tania.  I'm the founder of Rose and Sky. I don't know if you can tell yet, but I love to travel and be very active. 

Over the past few years, I've run, cycled and swam thousands of miles. I've also traveled a lot of countries throughout the world. I've had to pack a lot of clothes to make sure I could get a good workout out in, look cute while going out, and also be prepared for sight-seeing and exploring. There's really only so much you can carry on a plane and also lug around as you're going on one adventure to another. 

I remember like it was yesterday when I brought a pair of brand-name leggings and they fell apart after my second day sight-seeing in Thailand! I didn't think it was fair to pay so much for something that just wouldn't last. 

From that moment, I vowed to create durable and long-lasting active-wear that were less expensive than the luxury brands out there. This mission is what fueled me to start this store! I searched far and wide to design and create leggings that were of the utmost high quality and were meant to last forever. And of course tried out and tested them throughout many more hundred miles of running, cycling and swimming and travel.

 I knew I hit on something when after hiking over 16 miles up and down throughout the Canadian Rockies, I could use the same pair of leggings to go out for a fancy dinner afterward and they looked brand new. 

I hope these leggings will help you be even more active, travel freely, and go on as many adventures as your heart desires! 

Wishing you a vibrant and adventure-filled day ahead!